USTVGO is not working: has it closed?

USTVGO is not working: has it closed?

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Is USTVGO Not working on your Firestick or any other device? Early reports indicate that it has closed. So what’s going on with USTVGO and its sister site USTV247? In this post, we will look in more detail at the answers to these questions.

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What is USTVGO?

USTVGO and its sister site USTV247, are top-notch live TV websites that allow users to stream over 90 live channels from the US.

On average, these sites are used by more than 20 million users around the world. USTVGO and USTV247 are extremely popular and well-known. They have been serving users for the past few years without any problems. The sites load quickly, stream in high quality, and don’t use annoying pop-ups that bombard the user.

Premium channels like ESPN, Discovery, ABC, Showtime, Disney, Hallmark, HBO, Fox and more are offered and work worldwide with a VPN.

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Why is USTVGO not working?

As of January 21, 2023, users are reporting that even with a VPN, USTVGO and USTV247 are down, not loading, and displaying the message “Sorry, we’re closed.”

As USTVGO and USTV247 provide free access to live TV channels for those who do not have the right to do so, these sites are not strictly legitimate. Many would say that sooner or later a demolition would occur. Is that what happened in this case?

USTVGO is not working, users are seeing a

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The first reports indicate that the USTVGO and USTV247 sites have disappeared forever, with the consequent Twitter account suspended and discord server gone.

Although there is no official information, it seems that the time has come. Unfortunately, as of now, these sites appear to have been shut down for good. This will be unpleasant news for the millions of users the sites have accumulated over the years. However, previous removals of sites and apps like these have shown us that we can expect the service to recover under a different name.

USTVGO does not work.  The associated Twitter account has been suspended.

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What are the alternatives if USTVGO does not work?

USTVGO and USTV247 were excellent sites to stream live TV channels for free, but there are some alternatives.

If you enjoy the convenience USTVGO offers with streaming in a web browser, check out my list of Free Live TV Websites.

Free Live TV Apps They may also be worth a look and you can install them on many devices. The only drawback for live tv apps is that only sometimes are they 100% reliable. If they don’t work, it can be frustrating to spend time installing them.

IPTV services It can be a good solution if you can afford to invest in a service with thousands of live TV channels. Not official IPTV services It can cost as little as $15 per month with no contract or special equipment. For some IPTV service suggestions and reviews, check out my IPTV Reviews.

Stream2Watch US channels

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Free Live TV Sites

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Free Live TV Apps

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