Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

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If your FireStick is slow, this guide will show you the way to speed it up. The recommendations and tricks cited right here additionally paint on different Amazon Fire TV products, like the Fire TV Cube, FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, and FireStick Lite.

Amazon Fire TV devices are most of the pleasant streaming devices available these days. Some motives for their recognition include affordability, huge content material variety, compatibility with numerous gadgets, and remarkable audio and video.

Still, FireStick gadgets, like other streaming merchandise, are at risk of lags and malfunctions, mainly after usage for numerous years.

Streaming with a gradual FireStick may be fairly frustrating. It may additionally destroy the revel in.

Thankfully, you may utilize a few short fixes to speed up the FireStick streaming. We’ll dive into these fixes in the phase under.

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Why Is My FireStick So Slow?

There are numerous motives why your FireStick may be unusually gradual. Common reasons consist of multiple apps walking within the historical past, computerized app updates, vintage firmware, and gathered cache.

If you watched any of the above troubles because of the purpose of your gradual FireStick, then resolving the hassle has to be pretty truthful.

The segment will discover numerous reasons for a lagging FireStick and the step-by-step instructions to repair it.

How to Speed Up a Slow FireStick

If your FireStick has slowed down over the years, observe the steps beneath to make it run quicker. 

1. Restart/Reboot Your FireStick

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

One of the maximum common motives for a gradual FireStick is apps going for walks in the heritage. Besides slowing down your tool, apps running in the FireStick history can cause other performance problems like freezing and crushing.

If you suspect background apps are the motive for your Fire TV’s slowness, restarting your device is a fantastic answer.

You may additionally use offerings like Background Apps & Processes and Task Killer to close the background apps.

2. Remove Unwanted Apps

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

As you can understand, having sufficient garage and reminiscence space for your tool is vital to the smooth jogging of any Fire TV device. The tool requires bandwidth to open, run apps, and circulate content.

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Too many useless apps occupy the garage space, leaving the device without sufficient bandwidth to operate optimally, leading to lag.

If you accept as true that low garage is the reason your FireStick is gradual, try deleting some apps you don’t need.

3. Clear App Cache

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

It is great to clear the app cache often. App caches are the fragments of facts that apps hold for various reasons.

If not deleted typically, that information can acquire and occupy the area, causing the FireStick lag.

4. Keep Your FireStick Up to Date

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

It is crucial to keep your device up to date to optimize its overall performance and avoid security loopholes, malware threats, and other bugs that can slow down your tool.

Ensuring your FireStick runs at the state-of-the-art software program model can enhance its pace.

5. Disable Automatic App Updates

FireStick and Fire TV gadgets let you update the legit apps mechanically so that you don’t need to update them manually separately. 

While that is a characteristic of convenience, it can motivate your FireStick to sluggish down when the updates take place.

I don’t advocate disabling automated updates. If it’s miles the motive why your FireStick is gradual, once the update is over, your device will resume ordinary velocity. The updates generally take only a few minutes.

However, if you still need to disable automated updates, right here are the stairs:

1. Launch your FireStick. From your property display, locate and choose Settings at some distance. 

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

2. Select the Applications tile.

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

3. Select App Store.

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

4. Click Automatic Updates to turn the option OFF

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

6. Turn Off Collect App Usage Data

This might not appear directly related to speeding up your FireStick, but anything your FireStick does will eat machine assets. Therefore, disabling functions that don’t gain you may improve the functionality of your FireStick.

By default, Amazon collects information about your app usage, however, you may flip it off to hold privacy. According to Amazon, the enterprise collects statistics to enhance its apps and decorate the person revels in. 

If you’re uncomfortable with it and need to see if disabling it’ll speed up your device, comply with the steps underneath. 

1. From the FireStick domestic display screen, visit Settings.

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

2. Select the Preferences tile.

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

3. Click on Privacy Settings

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

4. If the Collect App Usage Data placing is ON, click on it to turn it off.

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Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

5. Click Turn Off.

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

6. Make sure the placing is now OFF.

Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Here’s How to Speed Up (2024)

7. Check your Internet Connection

A volatile or poor net connection can also affect a FireStick’s pace and performance. Usually, if the net connection is terrible, apps take longer to load, and you may experience freezing whilst streaming.

One of the motives why your net connection can be risky is due to too many connected devices. You can restore this by lowering the range of devices connected to your house network.

Another way to restore a negative internet connection is to speedy reset your router by turning it on and off once more. After that, reconnect the FireStick and notice if the speed improves.

If the Fire TV remains slow, you may be experiencing sign interference from having too many boundaries between the FireStick device and the router.

Having your router in a primary area with minimal distractions is important to make sure the signal is distributed lightly within your private home.

If no obstacles intrude with the relationship however it’s still unstable, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be throttling your pace and causing your FireStick to slow down. In such a case, your best bet is to use a VPN or trade your ISP.

8. Check for Overheating

An overheated FireStick also can cause slower speeds. If the FireStick has been linked to your TV for a long time, take a look so that it isn’t overheating.

If the Fire TV tool is overheating, transfer it off, then disconnect it from the TV. Please anticipate a couple of minutes for it to cool off. After that, reconnect the Fire TV tool, after which transfer it on.

9. The Last Resort — Factory Reset

If you’ve attempted the methods above and your FireStick is still lagging, you may need to carry out a factory reset. Factory resetting the device has to help enhance performance.

However, this will repair your tool to the condition the manufacturer shipped it. You’ll lose all of your information in that manner.

Ensure you realize your Amazon account login and Wi-Fi password to re-input them after the reset. Here’s a way to reset your FireStick to manufacturing unit defaults.

Wrapping Up

Buying a brand new FireStick each time it slows down isn’t affordable. In this guide, I confirm you how to accelerate a gradual FireStick device in various approaches. These strategies are smooth to comply with and don’t require any technical information beyond the commands I furnished. If you have some other guidelines for speeding up a FireStick, do allow us to understand within the comment phase underneath. 


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