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Lost Signals: How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Pairing

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How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Pairing, To navigate and manage your Firestick device with ease, you must have a fully linked Firestick remote. However, occasionally you could experience a problem with your Firestick remote not pairing. It might be irritating, but fear not—we’ll look at some typical root causes of this problem and offer practical troubleshooting techniques to get your remote back in working order.

Common Causes of Firestick Remote Not Pairing

A. Weak or Depleted Batteries

Checking the Battery Level

  • When your Firestick remote won’t connect, you should first check its battery life. The pairing procedure might be hampered by low or dying batteries. Remove the battery cover from the remote and look at the batteries to check the battery level. It’s time to swap them out for new ones if they seem feeble or have run low.

B. Incorrect Positioning of the Remote

Ensuring Proper Line of Sight

For pairing to be effective, there must be a clear line of sight between the Firestick remote and the Firestick device. Verify whether anything is obstructing the remote’s ability to connect to the Firestick. Additionally, make sure you are a safe distance away from the equipment.

C. Interference from Other Devices

Minimizing Interference

  • Your Firestick’s ability to connect with other devices might be hampered if they are placed nearby. Move other equipment, such as routers, cordless phones, or wireless speakers, away from the Firestick and its remote to reduce interference. Gaining some separation might strengthen the signal and increase pairing accuracy.
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D. Software or Firmware Issues

Updating Firestick Software and Remote Firmware

  • Sometimes pairing problems might be caused by outdated software or firmware. Go to the settings menu on your Firestick and look for any available software upgrades to fix this. Check the Firestick settings for remote firmware updates similarly. Updating the firmware on the Firestick and the remote can fix compatibility problems and enhance pairing.

E. Hardware Malfunction

Performing a Factory Reset

  • If all else fails, there may be a hardware issue with the remote or the Firestick. The pairing issue in these circumstances is frequently resolved by doing a factory reset on the Firestick control. Any customised settings or configurations on the remote will be lost if the factory reset is performed, so make a note of them before continuing.
How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Pairing
How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Pairing

Troubleshooting Steps

A. Step 1: Check the Batteries and Replace them if Necessary

Checking the Battery Contacts

  • It’s crucial to make sure the battery connections in the remote are clean and free of corrosion in addition to monitoring the battery level. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to gently wipe the contacts if you see any dirt or corrosion there. This may facilitate a stronger bond and enhance matching.

B. Step 2: Ensure the Remote is Correctly Pointed Toward the Firestick Device

Verifying Line of Sight Alignment

  • If the remote is not aimed squarely at the Firestick device, it could occasionally fail to connect. Ensure that the infrared (IR) emitter on the remote is facing the infrared (IR) receiver on the Firestick. It’s also important to keep in mind that the IR receiver may be placed on the side or back of various Firestick devices, so adapt your location accordingly.

C. Step 3: Minimize Interference by Moving Other Devices Away

Identifying Potential Sources of Interference

  • Examine the area surrounding your Firestick and remote control. Find any equipment that might interfere, such as microwaves, wireless devices, or other gadgets that use a same frequency range. These devices can be temporarily moved or turned off to assist decrease interference and enhance remote pairing.

D. Step 4: Restart the Firestick and Remote

Performing a Power Cycle

  • A quick power cycle might sometimes fix minor connection problems. Start by unplugging the TV and Firestick from the power source. Reconnect them after roughly 10 to 15 seconds have passed. Try pairing the remote once more once the Firestick has finished booting up.
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E. Step 5: Update the Firestick Software and Remote Firmware

Checking for Firestick Software Updates

  • Check for software upgrades on your Firestick on a regular basis to guarantee maximum performance and compatibility. Navigate to the settings menu, click “My Fire TV,” and then select “About.” To see whether there are any changes, choose “Check for Updates” from there. To install the updates, adhere to the instructions. Similarly, go to settings and check for remote firmware upgrades. menu and selecting “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” > “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” > “Fire TV Remotes Software Version.”

F. Step 6: Reset the Firestick Remote to Factory Settings

Resetting the Firestick Remote

  • You can try resetting the Firestick remote to its factory default settings if none of the preceding methods have been successful in fixing the pairing problem. To accomplish this, go to your Firestick’s settings menu, click “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices,” then pick “Amazon Fire TV Remotes.” Select your remote there, then click “Unpair” or “Forget.” Follow the on-screen directions to couple the remote after it has been unpaired.

G. Step 7: Contact Customer Support if the Issue Persists

Reaching Out to Amazon Support

  • You should contact Amazon customer care for more help if you’ve tried all troubleshooting techniques and your Firestick remote still won’t pair. They provide specialised assistance channels and can offer you tailored advice and ways to fix the pairing problem.

Additional Tips and Recommendations

A. Keeping Spare Batteries on Hand

Ensuring Battery Preparedness

  • Having extra batteries on hand for your Firestick remote control is always a smart idea. By doing this, you may easily swap out the batteries if they unexpectedly run out or get drained, preventing any disturbance in pairing or usage.

B. Using the Firestick Mobile App as an Alternative Remote

  • Exploring the Firestick Mobile App
  • Consider utilising the Firestick mobile app if you’re unable to link your Firestick remote or simply prefer a different control method. You can manage your Firestick via the app, which is accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones. To pair the app with your Firestick, just download it from the appropriate app store, make sure your Firestick and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and then follow the on-screen directions.

C. Exploring Alternative Methods to Control the Firestick

Alternative Control Options

  • You may explore different control options for your Firestick in addition to the remote and the mobile app. For instance, you can manage your Firestick using voice commands if you have an Alexa-compatible device, such as an Amazon Echo smart speaker. Additionally, certain universal remotes and HDMI-CEC-compatible TVs can allow you to use their respective remote controllers to operate the Firestick.


In conclusion, having difficulties connecting a Firestick remote can be annoying, but the majority of issues can be fixed with the proper troubleshooting techniques. You may resolve the remote pairing issues and go on enjoying your Firestick experience by checking the batteries, ensuring appropriate alignment, reducing interference, upgrading software and firmware, doing a factory reset if required, and looking into alternate control options. Remember, if everything else fails, don’t be afraid to contact Amazon customer service for more help.

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