How to get a Tivimate premium account

How to get a Tivimate premium account

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How to get a Tivimate premium account Are you sick of utilizing shaky IPTV programs that buffer and freeze all the time? Consider Tivimate, the best TV app for all of your streaming requirements. And if you want to improve your experience, think about switching to a Tivimate premium account. This article will cover all the information you need to know about getting a Tivimate premium account, including the advantages, price, and how to use it effectively. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled IPTV experience while you sit back and unwind.

How to get a Tivimate premium account?

A Tivimate premium account is simple and easy to obtain. Downloading the application from the official website or Google Play Store is the first step. Open the program after installation, then go to the settings page.

Next, click “Account” and then “Manage Account.” You will be requested to enter your Tivimate account’s email address and password at this point. Click “Register” and adhere to the instructions to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Select “Upgrade” after entering your login information to have access to Tivimate’s premium features. Then, you can select the many subscription packages that best meet your needs.

After deciding on your preferred plan, pay for it with one of the various methods, such as PayPal or a credit card. Your Tivimate Premium account will be enabled immediately upon successful payment confirmation!

With a premium subscription, you may access premium features like unlimited playlist import/export, recording capabilities, and EPG support for different nations and regions.

How to get a Tivimate premium account

What is Tivimate?

Users of the well-known IPTV player Tivimate can stream live TV channels and on-demand movies from various sources. It differentiates itself from other IPTV players with an intuitive UI, adjustable settings, and cutting-edge functionality.

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You can set up parental restrictions, create custom channel logos and EPG data, organize your channels into playlists, and even record your favorite shows with Tivimate. With adaptive bitrate streaming, it supports a number of video formats, including MPEG-TS, HLS, and RTMP/x.

Tivimate’s connectivity with a variety of gadgets, including Android smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, and Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, is one of its advantages. Tivimate also offers a premium edition that costs money but unlocks other capabilities including catch-up support for EPG timelines.

In general, Tivimate is a great option for everyone who wants to watch their favorite TV programs without having to deal with any hassles. Its intuitive interface makes switching between channels simple while also providing numerous customization choices to improve the watching experience.

What are the benefits of a Tivimate premium account?

Comparing the Premium Account to the Free Account, there are many advantages. You can enjoy an ad-free experience and access to cutting-edge features with the premium membership, which will elevate your streaming experience.

The ability to handle different playlists is one of the main benefits of utilizing Tivimate Premium. The ability to build several playlists enables you to watch channels from numerous providers in one location.

Catch-up TV and time-shift features are also accessible to those with a premium membership. With the help of these tools, viewers can watch previously broadcast shows or pause live streaming if there is an urgent event they must attend.

The Tivimate Premium Account’s capability to immediately record information onto external storage devices like USB drives is an excellent bonus feature. You can plan recordings so you never again miss your favorite programs!

If you value customization, the premium account offers configurable EPG sources, as well as the choice of infinite channel categories and channel logos! Tivimate Premium Account is worth every penny thanks to all these features!

How to use Tivimate?

You may stream your preferred TV shows and movies using Tivimate, an IPTV player with a tonne of features. Learning how to utilize Tivimate Premium successfully is the next step after subscribing to it.

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Open Tivimate on your choice device after downloading and installing it, then click “Add Playlist” to add the m3u playlist URL or file from your IPTV service provider in UK. Give the playlist a name and decide whether it will be a local or remote playlist.

Once it has been added, return to the main menu and choose “TV Guide.” An electronic program guide (EPG) that displays all programs depending on the channel, date, time, etc. may be found here. You can browse them by category or quickly search for certain content using keywords.

Simply choose any channel from the EPG or Tivimate’s “Channels” section to begin watching content. The user-friendly interface has simple navigation features, including the ability to pause live TV broadcasts and fast-forward or rewind live feeds.

The secret to utilizing Tivimate to its full capacity as a dependable IPTV streaming platform is to learn how to use it.

Tivimate recipes

Tivimate recipes are specialized channel lists that Tivimate users can import into the application. Users may more easily access their preferred material thanks to the inclusion of popular channels from various areas and genres in these channel lists.

Simply input the URL of the recipe file under Settings > Playlists > Add Playlist > Xtream Codes API to import a Tivimate recipe. You will have access to all of the channels on the list after you have been added.

By sharing their current music with others as an M3U file and exporting it as a recipe, users can also make their own Tivimate dishes. For individuals who wish to share personalized playlists with friends or family, this is extremely helpful.

Additionally, a number of websites have been created specifically to compile Tivimate recipes from all over the world. These websites offer simple download links, allowing users to simply add more channels to their apps.

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Users may easily find new material and personalize their app viewing experiences by using Tivimate recipes.

Alternatives to Tivimate

There are many different IPTV players besides Tivimate, which is a terrific choice for individuals in the market. Perfect Player, which has an intuitive UI and many of the same capabilities as Tivimate, is one well-liked substitute. GSE Smart IPTV is an additional choice that supports numerous file formats and lets you add multiple playlists.

Kodi might be the best option if you want a more personalized experience. It takes a little longer to set up than Tivimate or any of the other solutions on this list, but it gives a lot more customization options because of its enormous add-on library.

Users also frequently choose the VLC media player. It can play most codecs and offers a wide range of playback options despite not being specifically made for IPTV streaming.

The best option will ultimately depend on your unique demands and tastes. Before settling on the choice that would work best for you, it is worthwhile to check out various other options.


Tivimate is a fantastic choice for people who want an organized and simple interface and wish to use their IPTV service on various devices. By giving you access to extra tools like recording and playback, an EPG guide, and more customization choices, a premium account will improve your experience.

The Tivimate premium account can be obtained in a number of ways, either by buying it straight from their website or by through unofficial channels like resellers or promotions. However, it’s always advised to exercise caution when purchasing any software from sources other than approved ones.

Tivimate can be exactly what you’re looking for if you want a dependable and handy solution to watch TV through IPTV providers without any hassle or difficult configurations. Try it out right now!

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How to get a Tivimate premium account

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