How to Delete Addons from Kodi FireStick (2024)

How to Delete Addons from Kodi / FireStick (2024)

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In this guide, I will display you a way to delete Addons from Kodi. I could be using a FireStick, however this guide will paint for deleting Kodi addons from all Kodi-supported devices consisting of Android TV containers, PCs, and Smart TVs.

Kodi is an unfastened and open-supply software program designed to provide users get admission to all sorts of content, together with movies, TV suggestions, music, and music films. It has been available because 2002 when it was first developed by using Microsoft for the Xbox.

Today, Kodi is compatible with pretty much every predominant working system. It works on a wide sort of gadgets, which includes the FireStick. Kodi lets FireStick users stream content from websites that FireStick no longer guides or is incompatible with.

Kodi is a high-quality multimedia manager, however, the software no longer does the process on its personal. To liberate the benefits of using Kodi on your FireStick, you should set up Kodi addons. Kodi addons offer useful tools, permit you to alternate the appearance and feel of Kodi, help you move content, and manipulate Kodi remotely.

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Why You May Need to Delete Kodi Addons

While Kodi addons are important, there are numerous motives you could want to delete addons. For instance, an add-on can be unable to update itself. Deleting after which reinstalling that addon may additionally solve the problem.

Also, while you deploy too many addons, the Kodi app on your FireStick might go through in terms of overall performance. App approaches might also grow to be slow, and you could experience traumatic buffering at the same time as streaming.

Additionally, putting in too many add-ons gobbles up the storage space for your FireStick. The FireStick does now not come with a lot of garage, first—handiest 8 GB. Having plenty of Kodi add-ons is a waste of treasured area to your FireStick tool, specifically in case you by no means use the add-ons.

Whatever reason you have for deleting add-ons out of your Kodi, this article will guide you through the manner. You may also learn how to delete the records and cache documents that are left in the back of the Kodi listing by way of the add-ons you uninstall.

How to Delete Addons From Kodi

There are a few ways you could take away Kodi add-ons from your FireStick or every other device. Don’t worry, they are simple. Just comply with the stairs underneath.

Method 1

If you want to uninstall Kodi add-ons, and you recognize the class that they may be indexed in, you need to comply with this technique. It is short and smooth.

1. Launch Kodi. Scroll to Add-ons inside the left-hand menu.


2. A listing of Kodi add-on categories will appear. Select the category of the add-ons you want to delete. All the add-ons underneath that category will display on the right aspect of the display.

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right aspect

3. Navigate to the add-on which you want to remove. Press and keep at the pick button on your far-off (the huge round button in the center of your directional buttons) for about three seconds. Select Information from the menu that looks.

Select Information

5. The add-on’s info will show. Select Uninstallation on the lowest proper.


6. An affirmation message will appear to your display screen. Select Yes to verify the uninstallation.

Select Yes

After you comply with these steps, the Kodi add-on can be removed from your FireStick or different Jodi-supported gadgets.

Method 2

This technique for deleting Kodi add-ons is maximum appropriate when you want to remove several add-ons unfold across special categories. This technique guarantees that you do not have to waste time deleting Kodi add-ons one after the other, and you can simply delete your Kodi add-ons suddenly, even though they do now not belong to the same category. To try this, the subsequent steps are guaranteed to paintings:

1. Launch Kodi. Scroll to Add-ons in the left-hand menu.


2. In the listing of classes, choose My Accessories.

My Accessories

3. Select All.

 Select All.

4. All the add-ons that have been established to your Kodi app will show for your display. To dispose of one, navigate to the add-on and press and preserve the decide button to your faraway control. Select Information from the menu.

decide button

5. The add-on’s details will be displayed. Select Uninstallation on the bottom right.


6. A confirmation message will appear. Select Yes.

Select Yes

This method will eliminate the add-on. Repeat the above steps for every Kodi add-on you want to uninstall.

Method 3

The final approach is appropriate only if you need to delete all the add-ons on your Kodi. This method includes clearing Kodi’s app records. We may be using a FireStick for this method.

1. Press and preserve the home button on your FireStick faraway. Select Settings.

home button 

2. Select Applications.


3. Select Manage Installed Applications.

Manage Installed Applications

4. Scroll to Kodi and pick out it.


5. Select Clear Information.

Clear Information

This will clean all records from the Kodi app to your FireStick, efficiently deleting all Kodi add-ons.

How to Clear Kodi Addon Data

If you carried out method 1 or 2 above, you will need to clean out any additional app data that became left behind. Although those documents are typically small, they can add up and waste precious space for your device. To delete Kodi add-on statistics, observe the stairs under.

1. On the Kodi domestic display screen, visit Settings.


2. Select Media.


3. On the left-hand menu, pick General.


4. Turn on Show hidden files and directories or Show discern folder gadgets, depending on your Kodi version.

Show hidden files and

5. Return to the principle settings display. This time, choose File Manager.

File Manager.

6. Select Profile Listing.

Profile Listing

7. Select addon_data from the list of alternatives.


8. Navigate to the facts for the Kodi add-on which you removed. Press and preserve the pick out button, after which pick out Delete from the alternatives that display.

Delete f

9. As Continually, a popup message will warn you that you are approximately to delete some statistics. Select Yes to verify.

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Is Kodi prison and safe to use?

The Kodi app is completely safe and criminal to download and use with the use of reputable add-ons inclusive of Pluto TV, Plex, SoundCloud, PS Vue, and Picture It. However, because of copyright guidelines, the query of legality becomes difficult whilst you install add-ons that 1/3 birthday celebration builders create. There are tons of 0.33-celebration add-ons, as Kodi is an open-supply software program.

Copyright rules that guard copyrighted content material are generally vague and dynamic, however, they can nevertheless land you in trouble for gaining access to copyrighted content material.

Third-birthday celebration add-ons might also consist of malware. Malicious add-ons like viruses and adware can wreak havoc on your device.

To prevent unintentional prison issues and harm to your tool, you need to use a VPN with Kodi.

What are some addons that I can delete from my Kodi?

For numerous reasons, Kodi repositories are regularly shut down by way of their proprietors and taken offline. Some maximum famous repos presently offline are Smash Repo, Colossus Repo, Ares Wizard, Alpha Repository, UK Turk’s Playlists Repo, Soulless Repo, Origin Repository, Pulse Build / Wizard, and Dandy Media.

When a repository is taken offline, the add-ons commonly continue functioning for a while. However, they no longer get hold of updates and will subsequently forestall operating altogether.

Some famous add-ons in those repositories are Poseidon, Triton, UK Turk’s Playlists, Benny, Grail, Myriad, Open load Movies, Fear of the Dark, 1080p Moves, Sortie, and Yes Movies.

If you’ve got any of these add-ons installed, you should test to peer if they’re still operating. Remove any add-ons that are now not paintings to the unfastened-up area in your device.

What different Andon-related files can I delete?

After you’ve deleted unneeded or damaged add-ons and their information, you can also do away with the scripts or dependencies downloaded and established alongside the add-on. Add-ons depend on these scripts to carry out optimally, however, the scripts serve no purpose without the add-ons.

File Supervisor

To delete add-on scripts, navigate to File Supervisor for your Kodi settings and discover the script folders for the add-ons that you have deleted. When you discover the script folders, delete them.


There you’ve got it—all the ways that you could delete undesirable add-ons out of your Kodi. Add-ons are critical to enjoying the total revel in of the usage of Kodi. However, putting in too many add-ons can damage the performance of Kodi. In addition, add-ons take up the already restricted space in your FireStick. Obsolete add-ons, specifically, are a waste of area and have to be removed.

In this guide, I have supplied the stairs to delete Kodi add-ons from your FireStick or any other Jodi-supported device. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions or stumble upon any problems at the same time as following these instructions, please allow us to realize within the remark segment below to help you.


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