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How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

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Imagine settling down to binge-watch your favorite TV display in your Amazon FireStick. You’re midway through an episode, absolutely engrossed in the motion, when it all at once stops gambling, leaving you watching your Fire TV display careworn and annoyed.

The home screen shows an blunder message: “Home is currently unavailable. A network error has passed off. To test the connection to your Fire TV, go to Settings > Network and follow the instructions. If the problem persists, please contact Amazon Customer Service.” Just like that, content material in your FireStick is unavailable, and now you need to go through the ache of trying to touch customer service.

I know it’s an irritating blunder. I’ve skilled it myself.

The FireStick is a modern tool that offers you entry to famous streaming offerings in addition to hundreds of films, TV suggestions, sports activities, documentaries, and different audio and videos across many categories.

However, like other media streaming devices along with Roku and Apple TV, the Amazon FireStick is not without bugs, so it may malfunction. The “Home is presently unavailable” message outcomes from a computer virus that causes the FireStick to malfunction.

But don’t worry. In this guide, we are going to examine the reasons at the back of this hassle on the Fire TV device, after which we can explore diverse approaches to fix the issue. You must examine this guide to quit so that you don’t leave out on the technique that would resolve your trouble.

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What Causes the “Home is Currently Unavailable” Error on FireStick?

Numerous one-of-a-kind motives for your Fire TV Stick might also display the “Home is presently unavailable” blunder message. The problem can also stem from connection problems, registration problems, problems together with your Wi-Fi router, or previous FireStick software that requires updates. Here’s a full rundown of the maximum probable causes.

Internet Connection: As we understand, the Amazon FireStick needs a community connection to run. If your connection is simply too gradual or your FireStick continues dropping connection, the purpose may be that your Wi-Fi connection within the place is too weak. Alternatively, bugs and system defects within the FireStick software can also impede net functionality, leading to the “Home is presently unavailable” blunder message.

Registration Problems: Registering your FireStick is essential in case you want to enjoy the total experience of the Fire TV. Registering guarantees that you can get admission to all of the state-of-the-art software programs and capabilities including the Amazon FireStick. If you do now not sign in to your FireStick or it isn’t registered nicely, you could pass over on ordinary software program updates. The ripple effect of your device becoming previous is that apps may additionally forestall working and you may be not able to installation new apps. Most relevantly, you can enjoy the “Home is presently unavailable” message.

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Outdated Software: Amazon rolls out new software updates for FireStick frequently. These updates include fixes that save your apps from crashing and remove redundant features and insects in preceding variations, assisting the FireStick to run easily. Therefore, the “Home is presently unavailable” errors can also arise if your Amazon Fire TV Stick does no longer acquire these normal updates.

Too Many Apps: If your FireStick is performing up, there is a threat that you have hooked up too many apps on the device. The FireStick comes with eight GB of garage area, which is not a generous quantity. If you install too many apps, your device will begin to lag, and you’ll be hit with the “Home is presently unavailable” blunder message.

HDMI Port Issues: The FireStick is connected to your TV through an HDMI port. Sometimes, that port can be faulty. When this takes place, you can enjoy a lot of issues. One of them is the “Home is currently unavailable” error message.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

We now apprehend why your FireStick may additionally come upon the “Home is currently unavailable” errors. Let’s examine how we can resolve it. You must attempt every one of those techniques till you discover the one that fixes the problem.

Before we study more complicated techniques to remedy this mistake, do that in case you haven’t already: Unplug your Amazon FireStick, watch for about a minute, and then plug it again in. You’d be surprised by what number of problems this easy process fixes!

If the problem persists, flow directly to the stairs I have mentioned beneath.

Change the HDMI Port

This is another capacity quick restore to the “Home is presently unavailable” hassle in your FireStick. If your FireStick happens to be related to a faulty HDMI port, switching to an operating port will restore the error.

Check Your Network Connection Settings

As we noted earlier, the mistake can be a result of a loss of internet get admission to in your FireStick tool. If your screen displays the “Home is currently unavailable” message, you then need to ensure your FireStick remains connected to the net.

If you find that there are problems together with your connection, the first step is to check your community settings. Adjust the settings to what they ought to be. If this does not paintings, or you locate that your network settings are not the difficulty, flow directly to the following step.

Soft Reset Your FireStick

Next, you have to reset or restart your FireStick tool. This method clears the cache of the FireStick and reboots the RAM as well.

Press the Play/Pause button and the Select button (inside the middle of the directional ring) on your remote at the same time. Hold each button concurrently for numerous seconds after which launch. This will restart your FireStick.

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How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

Restart Your Internet Router

Rebooting your router may match in case you suspect that the problem is coming from a community blunders. This will provide the router time to cool off and will refresh its reminiscence. Especially with antique routers, leaving them on for too long may also cause problems, and this manner fixes that.

1. Unplug your router and modem from the strength outlet. Next, unplug any connections among your net router and modem, consisting of network switches. Wait a few minutes for the gadget’s memory to refresh. During this time, your net carrier provider (ISP), FireStick, and different devices will understand that the router is offline.

2. If your router and modem come as separate devices, plug the modem lower back in. Wait a few seconds for it to turn on. If it does not, press the energy button on the modem.

3. Wait for approximately a minute. Your ISP will authenticate your modem and assign it an IP cope with.

4. Plug your router back in. If you need to press the electricity button to start it up, accomplish that now. Wait a couple of minutes for the router to boot up.

5. After the router and modem have restarted, test to peer if the problem has been fixed.

Re-Register Your FireStick

If your FireStick isn’t well registered, you then are going to have to deregister the tool after which sign in it again. This system is not as complex as it sounds. It will refresh the settings in your FireStick device, which might also clear up the “Home is currently unavailable” error.

To deregister:

1. From the house display screen, pick Settings.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

2. Select My Account or Account & Profile Settings (relying on your FireStick model and/or working system version).

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

3. Select Amazon Account (this should have “Hello,” accompanied by your complete name as a subtitle) from the options provided.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

4. Click Deregister. You could be supplied with a caution message.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

5. Click the Deregister button once more, and your FireStick device may be deregistered.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

Once you’ve completed this system, unplug your FireStick from its HDMI port. Wait for approximately 1/2 a minute, and then plug it again in.

You might be caused to check in your device. Complete the manner at the registration web page. Then test to see if the “Home is currently unavailable” trouble has been fixed.

Update Your FireStick OS

Amazon often releases software updates for FireStick. Make sure your device remains up to date so that you can enjoy improvements, computer virus fixes, and new features. We advise that you connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network earlier than trying this fix. Following those steps:

1. Press and keep the domestic button for your far-off for some seconds to bring up Settings.

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How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

2. Select Device or System, or My Fire TV, depending on which alternative your cutting-edge FireStick OS model indicates.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

3. Select Check for System Update or Check for Updates to allow the device to look for any available updates.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

4. If a replacement is available, it should be downloaded robotically.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

5. When the update is finished downloading, select Install System Update or Install Update to put in the replacement on your FireStick.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

Factory Reset

If you have got long gone through the previous steps and you still get the “Home is currently unavailable” blunders, try the subsequent method. It involves appearing a factory reset of your Amazon FireStick.

Please note: Performing a manufacturing facility reset of your FireStick will cause you to lose all your apps, media, account settings, and possibilities. That is why this approach has to be used as a remaining inn, best if different fixes do not paint on your device.

Generally, a manufacturing facility reset will take about 5 minutes to complete. But this relies upon a range of factors, so don’t be alarmed in case you discover that the method takes slightly longer to complete for you.

1. Press and maintain the domestic button on your remote for a few seconds to deliver up Settings.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

2. Under Settings, navigate to My Fire TV from the list of alternatives and pick out it.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

3. Scroll down until you get to Reset to Factory Defaults and pick out it.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

4. You can be alerted with caution that your Fire TV Stick might be reset to its unique manufacturing facility settings. Click on Reset to initiate the manufacturing unit reset technique.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

After resetting your Amazon FireStick, you’ll need to configure it again from scratch. Enter your Amazon account login info, your Wi-Fi information, and the login info for the apps that you install on the tool. When you’re completed, take a look to see if the “Home is currently unavailable” mistake is resolved.

Here’s a way to install FireStick in the right manner.

Contact the Amazon Customer Service

At this factor, the techniques we mentioned in this guide must have fixed the difficulty on your FireStick. Unfortunately, there may be nonetheless a small chance that the hassle persists. If you have tried all these steps unsuccessfully, including converting your Wi-Fi community, then you’ll need to contact customer service to perform a more thorough investigation.

How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on FireStick

To get through to customer support, log into your Amazon account and head over to the Customer Support Center. There, you could publish relevant information about the problem and wait to have it handled professionally.


The Amazon FireStick is a nifty little device that lets you circulate lots of films, TV indicates, and other content throughout lots of streaming sites and channels. It’s a great tool, but it may be prone to problems and errors, certainly one of those is “Home is presently unavailable.”

This guide lists numerous motives you could enjoy this issue, alongside diverse techniques for addressing them. Hopefully, this sort of method labored for you.


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