How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

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This step-through-step manual covers several satisfactory ways to repair a FireStick far-off quantity, not running hassle. These instructions work on all Fire TV devices, which include Fire TV Lite, FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, and FireStick 4K Max.

A far-off is vital to navigating, launching, and streaming apps installed on your FireStick. Unfortunately, the volume feature doesn’t always paint as expected. Some troubles that could result in your FireStick far-flung extent no longer operating include the use of incorrect audio settings, the wrong HDMI port, and dead or susceptible batteries. Next, we discover these and different standard FireStick far-flung extent no longer operating causes and their answers.

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Battery Issue

Weak or lifeless batteries regularly cause the FireStick remote volume to malfunction. If you’ve now not changed batteries in a while, they are possibly weak or lifeless. It’s also possible the quantity feature isn’t responding due to the fact the batteries aren’t inserted successfully.

To take a look at if the batteries are well-inserted, eliminate the lower back cover to check in case you’ve established the FireStick remote batteries effectively. Next, test the + and – signs and symptoms on the batteries and make certain the ends visit the corresponding far-flung aspect. Afterward, area the again cowl and press the extent button to see if it works.

If the faraway quantity was running only some seconds in the past and abruptly stopped, it’s possibly because the batteries are susceptible. Interchanging the batteries or tapping the remote in some instances can every so often ‘wake’ the remote. Unfortunately, this gained’t work for a long period. The satisfactory answer is to replace the batteries.

Finally, the batteries may be lifeless if attempting to ‘wake’ them doesn’t work. Replace the batteries and pay attention to the markings in the FireStick far off to make certain you install them efficiently.

Signal Interference

Sometimes, the FireStick volume capabilities fail to work because of interference between the faraway and the TV. In this situation, an easy answer like strength cycling your TV can assist. To power cycle your TV:

  1. Turn off your TV.
  2. Remove the FireStick from the TV.
  3. Wait approximately 30 seconds, then reinsert the FireStick.
  4. Switch on the TV so the FireStick and TV can reboot collectively.
  5. Press the FireStick faraway volume button to see if it’s working.
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Wrong HDMI Port

Connecting your FireStick to the wrong HDMI port also can cause the volume and other far-off buttons to malfunction. Ensure you connect your FireStick to the suitable HDMI-CEC port. This port allows your FireStick far off to reconfigure the TV’s features so that you can manage them together with your remote.

Typically, the HDMI-CEC port is truly classified in the back of the TV. You can take a look at your TV’s operating manual to find it if it’s not. If you had linked your FireStick to the wrong port, switch to an appropriate one, then strive urgent the volume buttons to look if they’re running.

Check if There’s a Pairing Problem

Sometimes your TV will fail to reply to FireStick remote commands due to the fact there’s a pairing trouble. In this case, unpairing after which re-pairing can correctly fix the hassle. To unpair your FireStick far away from your TV:

1. Go to Settings.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

2. Click Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

3. Click Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

4. Select your FireStick far off from the listing displayed.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

5. Press then preserve the Menu and Back buttons in your FireStick far-flung for 10–15 seconds.

The unpairing is complete in case you see your FireStick settings go back to the primary menu. The next step is to re-pair the FireStick remote with the TV.

To do this:

  1. Plug on your FireStick and then transfer it on.
  2. Wait for FireStick to reboot.
  3. Place the far-off near the FireStick tool.
  4. Press and keep the FireStick Home button for about ten seconds.
  5. Release the button, then test if the far-off is paired.

If its miles paired, take a look at the volume button to see if it’s running. You would possibly strive the pairing system in some instances before it works.

Check Your TV’s Audio Settings

Sometimes the FireStick remote quantity gained paintings due to the fact you haven’t enabled the ideal audio manage settings on your TV. To test the system manipulate settings to make certain they permit audio control through FireStick far off, follow the instructions under:

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1. Go to Settings.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

2. Click Equipment Control.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

3. Click Manage Equipment.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

4. If you can’t see your speaker on some indexed gadgets, click Add Equipment.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

5. Select the correct audio equipment.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Volume Not Working (Easy Solutions)

After, check the far-flung extent buttons to see if they are operating.

Check if the Remote Is Damaged

If the faraway is in a poor physical kingdom with missing buttons, it would have some inner faults that have precipitated the volume to forestall working. The quantity rubber buttons will also be damaged, making it tough to press inside and out and respond to volume commands. In this situation, the best answer is to find a replacement. Ensure you read the product details before shopping for a substitute to make sure it’s like-minded along with your Firestick.

Use Alexa

If you’ve attempted converting the batteries, audio settings, and other solutions without a good deal of fulfillment, you may try using the Alexa voice commands in case your FireStick far off helps it. You’ll just need to mention ‘Alexa increase volume’ or ‘Alexa lower quantity’ to boom or lower the quantity.

Use the Fire TV App

If your FireStick faraway is broken, you can use the Fire TV app to grow or decrease the volume on FireStick before replacing the far-off. Follow the instructions underneath to put in and use the Fire TV far-flung for your cellphone:

  1. Go to your phone’s app shop and download the Fire TV app.
  2. Press the TV Power button to turn it on.
  3. Launch the Fire TV app in your smartphone and input your Login credentials.
  4. Select a Device to Connect choice will pop up after signing in.
  5. Click on your FireStick or Fire TV tool to connect.
  6. Enter the Code displayed on your TV into the Fire TV app.

Wrapping Up

Some of the most commonplace motives for your FireStick far-flung quantity not working encompass a battery difficulty, an incorrect HDMI Port or audio settings, or a pairing difficulty. If you watched any of the above troubles, try changing the batteries, strength biking your TV, or unpairing and repairing your FireStick far off.

If you’ve correctly resolved the FireStick faraway not running problem, we’d like to pay attention to your go-to answers inside the comment phase.


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