How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

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In this publish, we’ll explore two methods you can use to delete apps from FireStick, consisting of Amazon Fire TV Cube, FireStick Lite, New FireStick 4K, and FireStick 4k. First, I’ll explain why you could need to delete apps out of your FireStick. Then I’ll display you the two methods for doing so. Finally, I’ll solution some questions you may have.

Amazon FireStick is proof of the way a ways generation has come. Plugging a FireStick into the HDMI port of a display turns it into a full-fledged amusement hub. It is a splendid associate for individuals who need to observe their leisure on any screen around them.

On a FireStick, you can install apps for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and quite an awful lot of other applications to be had on the Android running device. Thus, many users download and set up tons of programs on their FireSticks. But they regret it later when the garage turns complete and the tool’s performance turns gradual.

That’s precisely what I’m going to help you fix. First, permit me to explain what problems it can solve whilst you delete apps out of your Amazon FireStick.

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Why Delete Apps from FireStick?

How to delete apps from FireStick is one of the hottest questions. Here are some reasons users delete apps from their Fire TV Stick.

To Free Up Space for Other Apps

The FireStick comes with restrained storage space. If you install too many apps that you don’t want or don’t use, you may run out of space for the apps you need. Logically, users delete apps that they rarely use so they can deploy other apps, or even make room for an OS replacement.

To Clear App Data & Cache

The majority of human beings don’t clear the records and cache of the apps that they use frequently. Instead, they uninstall and reinstall the apps to clear the cache and facts from their FireStick, mainly because this technique might also restore different technical problems.

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To Fix App Malfunctions

Some users additionally delete and reinstall apps to restore technical issues they’re facing. Users who constantly experience app crashes and slow strategies whilst the use of precise apps can normally restore the troubles with the aid of deleting and reinstalling one app. If you’re dealing with responsiveness, slowdowns, or crashes in a number of your packages, delete and reinstall them to peer if it returns the one’s applications to their practical country.       

To Speed Up their FireStick

Similar to fixing app malfunctions, uninstalling extra apps can enhance the overall performance of a FireStick. A device that is loaded with programs works slowly because there’s no unfastened area for the working system to work nicely. When you clear the storage of your Amazon FireStick by deleting apps, you create the distance the device desires to perform, which normally results in a performance increase. You may also see reduced buffering as well, but buffering can also be because of a gradual internet connection.

To Get Rid of Bloatware

By default, a FireStick is loaded with sure packages, additionally known as bloatware. Users who aren’t interested in the bloatware may want to get rid of it to make space on their devices. Thus, many FireStick users virtually delete the bloatware.

How to Delete Apps from FireStick

Now on to the main topic: a way to delete apps from FireStick. Let’s get started.

I can share two strategies. For folks who want to delete programs using the advanced method, observe the primary method. This method is thorough and guarantees no data from the app will be left behind.

Follow the second method if you need to delete apps from your FireStick in the handiest manner feasible. This method may or might not leave a few app statistics on your device, relying on the app you’re uninstalling.

Method 1: Delete Applications Via the FireStick Settings Menu

First, we’ll see how you can delete packages from your FireStick settings menu. We’ll delete the app cache and app facts in this menu earlier than uninstalling the app.

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1. Select the settings gear on the right aspect of your display screen.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

2. Click Applications.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

3. Scroll down and open Manage Installed Applications.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

4. You’ll see all the packages that can be currently mounted to your Fire TV device.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

5. Select the app you want to delete. For the sake of demonstration, I’ll pick the app AOS TV.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

6. After deciding on the app to delete, you’ll see a bunch of alternatives. First, pick out Force Prevent to shut the app in case it’s running.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

7. Then, scroll down and click Clear cache.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

8. Next, click on Clear Facts.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

9. Once more, click on OK to verify deleting the app’s information.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

10. Finally, click on Uninstallation.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

11. Click Uninstall once more to verify the removal of the app from your tool.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

That’s it. This method guarantees the application’s cache and records are deleted out of your FireStick, further to the app itself. If you’re not concerned approximately the app’s cache and information, you can use the short approach below. 

Method 2: Delete Apps Via the FireStick App Library

For users who simply need to delete apps from their FireStick without greater steps, use the following approach:

1. Select the 3-tile button at the proper facet of the display, after the button for settings.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

2. Your tool will show your pinned and maximum-used apps.

Note: If you don’t see the app you want to delete, select the last tile called App Library to view the whole list of your apps.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

3. Scroll to the software you need to delete, but don’t pick out it. Instead, press the alternatives button to your faraway, which is the button with three horizontal dashes.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

4. A menu will appear at the proper aspect of your display. Scroll down and pick Uninstall.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

5. Your FireStick will prompt you to confirm the movement. Click Uninstall.

How to Uninstall & Delete Apps from FireStick (2024)

Final Words

This publication explains why you should delete apps from FireStick, in addition to a way to uninstall FireStick apps. The first method is the thorough way to delete apps and any associated facts. The 2nd approach is the less difficult but faster way to uninstall apps. Have questions or feedback? Let us understand within the comment section beneath.


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