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How to Connect FireStick to WiFi Without Remote

How to Connect FireStick to WiFi Without Remote

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In this academic, I will guide you via a way to connect your FireStick to Wi-Fi without a faraway. The methods outlined in this article will paintings on the Amazon FireStick, FireStick Lite, FireStick Cube, FireStick 4k, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, and different Fire TV devices.

The Amazon FireStick is a portable, nifty device that has grown in popularity since it changed into added. There are pretty some reasons wire-cutters love the FireStick: It is simple and elegant, is straightforward to install, and opens up a global of online streaming. Plus, unlike cable, you could place it on your backpack and deliver it around while you journey far from domestic.

All you need is to get entry to a TV with an HDMI port and Wi-Fi, and you may revel in streaming for your FireStick, no matter where you are. Usually, you’ll be on your private home community. But if you are connecting your FireStick to a brand-new Wi-Fi network, you’ll probably need to install the brand-new Wi-Fi using the FireStick far off.

So what occurs if you lose your remote or neglect it again at home? Mistakes like that manifest all the time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on binge-looking new shows or following your preferred sports activities crew.

Without your far-off, you can nevertheless join your FireStick to Wi-Fi. Keep studying, and I will show you ways.

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Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi Without Remote

You can use two methods to attach your FireStick to Wi-Fi whilst you don’t have a faraway handy. Let’s take a look at them both in detail.

Note: If you have got your FireStick far off with you, however, it is not running, you may not need this guide. Instead, try following these steps to repair your FireStick far flung manipulate.

Use HDMI-CEC to Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi

CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control. HDMI-CEC is a function of the HDMI preferred that lets in one faraway to operate multiple HDMI-compatible gadgets. This function permits devices that can be related to your TV via the HDMI port to talk from side to side with the TV.

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With HDMI-CEC, you could join a huge variety of gadgets, together with TV receivers, AV receivers, DVD players, Blu-ray gamers, recreation consoles, sound systems, Chromecast, and of direction, your FireStick and control all of those devices with one faraway.

To use HDMI-CEC with your FireStick, you require a popular far-off. As the name shows, generic remotes work across a wide range of gadgets, together with Roku and FireStick.

You should purchase a every day far-flung from a brick-and-mortar keep like Walmart or have it introduced to you from Amazon. Alternatively, you could download one from an app store, efficaciously turning your smartphone right into a far-flung. And in case you use a more modern version TV, you can no longer even get any other far off in any respect—your TV remote control should paintings just first-class.

But earlier than you could use HDMI-CEC and frequent remote control, you ought to enable the characteristic in your FireStick. Here’s how you can take a look at to make certain it’s enabled:

1. Go to the Settings button on your FireStick home display.

How to Connect FireStick to WiFi Without Remote

2. Navigate to the Display & Sounds option.

How to Connect FireStick to WiFi Without Remote

3. Scroll down to HDMI CEC Device Control. If the option is OFF, click to turn it ON.

How to Connect FireStick to WiFi Without Remote

At this point, you are nearly set to connect your FireStick to Wi-Fi without its faraway. There’s just one step left: allowing HDMI-CEC in your TV itself. You can try this on your TV’s settings panel.

As I referred to earlier, this selection isn’t to be had on each TV. If you have got a TV that was made within the previous few years, possibilities are that it does have this selection.

That said, TV producers label the feature with lots of names for differentiation functions. For example, Samsung calls it Anynet+, whilst LG calls it SIMULINK.

To make things less complicated for you, I have compiled a list of commonplace TV manufacturers and the specific names that supply the HDMI-CEC characteristic.

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Here they’re:

  • AOC: E-hyperlink
  • Hitachi: HDMI-CEC
  • LG: SimpLink or SIMPLINK
  • Mitsubishi: NetCommand for HDMI
  • Onkyo: RIHD
  • Panasonic: HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync, or Vera Lynn
  • Philips: EasyLink
  • Pioneer: Kuro Link
  • Runco International: RuncoLink
  • Samsung: Anynet+
  • Sharp: Aquos Link
  • Sony: BRAVIA Sync
  • Toshiba: CE-Link or Regza Link
  • Vizio: CEC

It is quite easy when you allow your TV’s respective HDMI-CEC characteristic. Not, most effective will you be able to connect your FireStick to a Wi-Fi community, but the remote may even help you to navigate to your device.

Use Fire TV App on Smartphone to Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi

The first technique I discussed is an extraordinary one, however, it will be the simplest painting below certain situations. If your TV isn’t always well suited to HDMI-CEC, this subsequent method is for you.

You probably recognize that Amazon presents a convenient Fire TV app that you may install on your telephone. This app is to be downloaded at the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It comes with plenty of functions and can stand in as an opportunity in your FireStick far-flung control.

To use your smartphone as a far-flung via the Fire TV app, both your cellphone and the FireStick must be related to at least one Wi-Fi community. If your FireStick tries to hook up with the wrong network by using default, you’ll be in a chunk of a pickle: without having your FireStick remote within the first region, you will no longer be capable of transferring your FireStick to a one-of-a-kind network.

Thankfully, there may be a workaround that fixes this hassle. It entails smartphones or pills, with one working as a wi-fi hotspot. In that manner, you may connect your smartphone and FireStick to a single network. Then you can move on to connect your FireStick to a special Wi-Fi community without a far-flung.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. On your smartphone, set up a wi-fi hotspot. Use the same SSID and password that your FireStick is currently connected to (or trying to connect with).
  2. Download and install the legitimate Fire TV app on the second phone or tablet.
  3. Now join the second one telephone or tablet to the hotspot you created for your telephone. This ensures that your FireStick and the tool with the Fire TV far-flung app are actually at the identical network and may see each other.
  4. Connect your FireStick to the TV.
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Now you can use your second device because the remote control to navigate and circulation with your FireStick.

At this point, you may use the second one tool to interchange over to the Wi-Fi community you can connect to to your modern-day vicinity. Just head over to Settings after which Network on your FireStick. From there, you can see all available Wi-Fi networks and hook up with whichever you select.

However, once you do that, you’ll lose the far off manager’s capability on the second clever device. But you can now connect with the identical network for your essential clever device, get the Fire TV app, and continue using that device to perform your Fire TV.


Can I buy a new far off for my FireStick tool?

Yes, you can. If you out of place your far flung and also you opt to get a new one instead of using a regular far off or the Fire TV app for your smart tool, you could purchase a new faraway without delay from Amazon. A new one will come with even more features than you acquire from the stock faraway. After you have got obtained it, you could pair the remote to your device.

Can I connect my FireStick to Wi-Fi with out its faraway?

Yes. If you are without your faraway, you could join your FireStick to a Wi-Fi connection using a prevalent HDMI-CEC remote or the use of the wireless hotspot on another device. I even have mentioned the stairs above.

How can I download the Fire TV faraway?

The Fire TV app is officially to be had for both Android and iOS smartphones and capsules. This method that you could download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device.

Wrapping Up

Being without your far-flung, mainly while your FireStick is already connected to every other network, can be irritating. But in this article, I have shown you more than one way to remedy the problem. After following the steps I have mentioned, you can effortlessly join your FireStick to Wi-Fi without a faraway. If you have got any mind or remarks, please allow me to understand below.


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