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15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

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By deeekw

In this put-up, I am rounding up the nice Kodi skins for Kodi 20 and 19. Here, you may discover the Kodi skins for Fire TV, FireStick 4K, FireStick, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, FireStick Lite, Mobiles & Computers, and all Kodi-supported devices.

Kodi is a superb media center. It helps you to without difficulty watch your favorite content. Live TV, Sports, Movies, and Shows, give you get admission to all of it via a huge range of video addons. I have been a Kodi person since the time I don’t even remember. What I love the maximum about Kodi is that it can be custom designed in some of the methods and a Kodi pores and skin is one of the handiest ways to try this.

The default Kodi Skin referred to as Estuary is excellent. But, it is too business-like. I imply it isn’t exactly very exciting. Thankfully, you may make it more interactive and occurring with those top Kodi skins. The Kodi skins no longer only beautify the beauty enchantment of the interface but also make it extra person-pleasant.

If you have used Kodi Builds, you would know that the builds additionally provide a visible makeover to Kodi with their very own skins. Numerous Kodi builds even use a number of these skins. But, the problem with the builds is they install plenty of add-ons and repositories and make Kodi cumbersome. If you have already got your favorite accessories, then all you need is a skin that quickly transforms the user interface and enhances your enjoyment.

How to Install Kodi Skins

Before we get commenced, permit me to come up with the fast steps to put in any Kodi skin. It received’t take more than 6 steps. Here is the way you do it:

1. Open Kodi Settings.

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

2. Click Interface.

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

3. Click Skin at the left after which click Skin at the right.

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

4. Choose your pores and skin. If the preferred pores and skin are not at the listing, click on Get Greater… 

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

5. Click the Skin you need to use and wait for it to download and install.

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

6. Click Yes while triggered.

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

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Best Kodi Skins

Following is the listing of the great Kodi Skins that paintings on each, Kodi Nexus and Matrix. There are several not-unusual skins among the two structures, and I have picked those that matter. The others were truly no longer accurate and sufficient.

Aeon Tajo

Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Aeon Tajo is to be had on both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19. When you are on the house display screen, the skin plays a mild, soothing tune for you (which you could, of course, turn off in the pores and skin settings). The pores and skin additionally allow you to use your non-public M3U playlist for background playback.

It is a neat, minimum skin with large menu objects around the lowest. This makes the pores and skin notably clean to apply. Pictures, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Videos, and Systems are the primary home menu gadgets with their respective submenus. You can always get rid of any most important menu or submenu item you want or maybe upload a custom object. Furthermore, you may select a custom background photograph and custom label for every item.

With so many alternatives to customize the look experience and functionality, and a minimal and clean-to-use interface, Aura is one of the most pleasant Kodi skins around.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Elegance and responsiveness, properly that’s how I describe Amber. With Amber, you get a horizontal ribbon-styled important menu through default with foremost categories and sub-categories sincerely seen. The exceptional component is you may set the ribbon-styled foremost menu both horizontally or vertically.

Each menu has a history photo, which you may personalize in line with your choice. Further, you may upload addons to the horizontal principal menu, and a becoming historical past to go together with it. You can personalize the skin based totally on the Home format, Background, Media Views, Color alternatives, Title Bar options, Video info, and more.

Add-ons, Videos, Music, Pictures, Games, Favourites, Search, Settings, and Power, are the number one domestic menu objects with their respective submenus. With such a lot of alternatives and a neat user interface, Amber is one of the exceptional skins you could give a try.

App TV

Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

If you’re passionate about the Apple surroundings, you have a superb danger of liking the App TV Kodi skin. The skin resembles the Apple TV consumer interface, because of this, no fancy stuff or reminiscence-bogging animations. It is simple and easy. The simplicity of the layout allows you to quickly get acquainted with it.

On the primary menu, you get categories along with Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Settings, Add-ons, and Quit. You can set up the types in Tiles, Horizontally, and Vertically. Further, you can customize various elements like Home Menu, Shelf historical past, Widgets, and extras.

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You can also add your favorite/frequently used apps on the main menu. By default, it no longer has a historical past. However, you may pick a new heritage photograph from the nearby garage. It is a lightweight skin and therefore does not result in any sizeable performance adjustments, even on low-spec devices like FireStick. If you’re trying to use Kodi with a tinge of Apple’s surroundings, there is no higher alternative than App TV.


Kodi 18

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

It is the same pores and skin used by many Kodi builds. Aura functions as a tile-based totally layout, which no longer best makes it visually appealing but also exceedingly purposeful. The domestic menu gadgets are positioned horizontally on the pinnacle and the associated categories, widgets, and other submenu options are displayed at the relaxation of the display screen in a tiled format.

The slick, uncluttered interface makes Aura user-pleasant for pores and skin. You can similarly customize the skin to your liking by way of exploring numerous configuration alternatives available within the skin settings. You can upload new, custom home menu objects. You can choose a custom history from the local garage. There are many consequences and colorations to use too.

Aura gives a smooth overall performance on all forms of devices. I have used it on FireStick and Android TV with no massive troubles. It needed to be a part of this listing of fine Kodi skins.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Bello is some other minimum Kodi pores and skin that gives you a pleasing new manner to enjoy your favored media center. Since Bello has minimum pores and skin, you cannot locate several bells and whistles. However, if you are looking for an interface that is user-pleasant and easy for your device assets, Bello is the Kodi skin to pick from.

This skin is available as Bello 7 on Kodi 18 Lei and Bello 8 on Kodi 19 Matrix. Again, there isn’t an exquisite deal to select between the 2 variations except for certain insignificant beauty versions. Bello no longer aids the mouse and prompts you to disable it within the settings. While you can still have interaction with the mouse, the massive mouse-now not-allowed pointer isn’t very handy to use. This is why, this skin is more suitable for contact and far-flung-managed devices, which include FireStick.

Nevertheless, Bello is a great skin to have and it merits a part of our listing of Best Kodi Skins.


Kodi 18

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

This is some other great-searching skin for Kodi 18. Box capabilities are a panel-based design with an organized layout. The pores and skin have an expert appearance and a futuristic attraction. The panel layout makes it user-friendly and intuitive for pores and skin.

The home display screen of the pores and skin organizes one class at a time on the display. Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Live TV are the default categories. However, you may add or cast off categories from the skin settings. Besides the streaming classes, you could additionally get the right of entry to application options like Add-ons, Settings, Pictures, Favorites, Customize, and many others. From the principal screen.

Even though this Kodi pores and skin no longer can help you upload photograph backgrounds to the principal screen, you can trade the historical past color. There is a massive palette to pick out the colors from. Besides the colors, you can customize this skin in lots of different methods. For example, you could display Now Playing on the primary display screen, play video within the background, change menu labels, and more.

All in all, Box is one of the pinnacle Kodi skins for an amazing Kodi revel in. Give it an attempt.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Over the years, I have examined and used plenty of Kodi skins. A lot of them seemed promising however they all may want to stand the test of time. Confluence, then again, has been around for a long time and it’s far without difficulty one of the most pleasant Kodi skins you’ll find.

Confluence isn’t exactly the minimum, however, it isn’t too flashy either. So, in case you are looking for pores and skin this is middle-floor among too simple and too ostentatious, you have to give Confluence a try.

The domestic menu is placed closer to the middle than the lowest and runs across from left to right of the display. You will locate essential classes at the menu bar which includes Videos, Music, Add-ons, and Systems to get you commenced right now.

The Kodi 18 and 19 versions no longer have a history. However, you can select a brand new background photo from the nearby storage.

You can customize the skin in lots of other methods. It lets you add or get rid of the default domestic menu categories. You can add the Now Playing visualization to the heritage. And very importantly, it lets you add upload-on shortcuts to the preferred domestic menu categories. This lets you choose your favorite video accessories properly from the home display screen.

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Confluence is a first-rate skin for all forms of devices consisting of a mouse, contact, and remote-controlled.


Kodi 18

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

It isn’t been long since I stumbled upon this Kodi pores and skin. I became simply positive that it is going to be part of this list of Best Kodi Skins. Let’s speak approximately the home display screen first.

The home menu functions as a fashionable block layout snapped to the bottom of the screen. It resembles the interface of a TV OS. The tiled layout no longer best appears futuristic and visually appealing, however, it also provides greater capability to the skin. The standard layout of the skin is so neat, crisp, and simple, that you may get started instantly.

The home menu includes Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and Music for different classes. You can upload or cast off categories from the pores and skin settings. In truth, you can even exchange the labels of menu gadgets. The pores and skin additionally allow you to feature a separate history image for each class. Besides the background and home display, you may additionally customize the Library, Header, Colors, Screen Display (OSD), and more.


Kodi 18

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

This FireStick-stimulated Kodi pores and skin is an excellent preference for remote-managed devices including FireStick, and Android TV Boxes. It supports contact functionality too, however, that’s now not all that incredible. With a mouse, it even gets worse. So, use it with a TV device to make a pleasant out of it. And, don’t forget to disable the mouse at Settings > System > Input.

FTV is a minimalistic pores and skin. So lots so that it doesn’t even display the date and time on its home display screen. It has a vertical menu bar at the left which emphasizes the selected objects and fades out the rest. You might just as properly be looking at a blank display if the selected menu item doesn’t have widgets to display.

Legibility can be a piece of a hassle. While the highlighted items stand out, those that aren’t decided on do now not contrast properly in opposition to the history.

There isn’t a variety of customization picks. You can upload or get rid of the primary menu items and related widgets. The skin additionally helps you to personalize the shutdown menu and disable/enable Fanart. The custom history isn’t always available. You can’t even change the pores and skin theme and colorings.

Don’t expect loads from FTV. However, in case you are seeking out far-off-friendly navigation and a lightweight interface, FTV is one of the great Kodi skins to have.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Pellucid is one of the most minimum Kodi skins round. The home display screen of this skin only presents the naked essentials, however sufficient to get you began speedy. Videos, Music, Games, and Pictures are the simplest default categories. At the lowest, you may discover the Settings icon, to let you dig the pores and skin deeper.

The skin doesn’t have plenty of customizations. Though, there are a few configurations you’ll be inquisitive about. For example, you could add new menu items to the house menu. You may also even take away or rename the existing ones. If you are walking Pellucid on a low-spec tool, you can even pick Low CPU Power Mode.

The home display background is dynamic and selects pix from the default folder. You can also trade the default directory to display your private photos.

Pellucid is not exactly my most preferred, however I like to apply it from time to time. It is a superb trade from the ordinary.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

When I first checked out it, I idea Quartz was an unfinished pores and skin – a piece in development. Soon, I found out that it is rather uncooked pores and skin that leave plenty up to you to customize. It gives a fundamental structure however for the most component, you have to build it up from scratch. If you are new to Kodi, you may want to try different Kodi skins on our list. However, in case you are an experienced consumer and acquainted with how the Kodi skins are custom-designed, you might like it.

The home menu is located from the left to the proper edge inside the middle and contains restrained options. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Add-ons, and KODI are the only items. Except for the closing, Add-ons, and KODI, the alternative menu objects nearly do now not have any submenu. From the KODI menu, you could visit Settings and begin building up the submenu gadgets.

You can allow/disable and rename any present most important menu category. However, you can’t add any new class. Given that it’s miles the sort of basic skin, I trust the builders need to have allowed at least this tons.

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You can hyperlink as many as 5 accessories to any class. When linked, these accessories appear just above the menu bar. You can add custom heritage pictures too from the nearby storage.

Quartz isn’t the finest Kodi skin, however, it isn’t that bad either. You may also give it a strive.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Rapier is one of the maximum customizable Kodi skins you’ll locate. You can adjust the look and experience of this skin in lots of methods. You may also alternate the coloration subject matter absolutely from default to flat, orange, or pink. The pores and skin also let you alternate the color of the menu objects. In reality, you can also trade the pores and skin font.

The home screen presentations Movies, Videos, TV Shows, Music, Add-ons, and many others. Because of the primary categories. You may additionally add new custom categories or cover the present ones from the pores and skin settings. You can even modify or cover the submenu gadgets.

There are no backgrounds through default. However, you can download and set a huge variety of history pix and fanart.

The home menu is aligned to the lowest fringe of the display screen and you may choose gadgets with left and proper navigation. If there are any submenu items relating to the principal menu item, its miles are displayed simply above the home menu.

Rapier is a pleasant, minimal skin that is suited for beginners and specialists alike.


Kodi 18

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

Revolve is the most precise Kodi pores and skin I have ever visible. As the name of the pores and skin suggests, it functions as a disc around whose axis the numerous interface factors revolve. On the house display, you will discover the subsequent revolving menu gadgets: Videos, Music, Pictures, Games, Weather, Favorites, etc. You may consist of new items or remove the present ones from the skin settings.

Even although the pores and skin support a mouse, it’s far high-quality used with touch, keyboard, or far-flung control. It gives a wonderful navigation system for FireStick and other remote-controlled devices.

This pores and skin gives diverse customization options. You can alternate whether or not or now not the heritage snapshots are displayed. You might also fade the heritage snapshots to emphasize the menu gadgets. The skin additionally lets you play the background video.

Revolve lets you pick the custom background photograph for each object from the nearby storage. By default, it chooses its photos. You may also trade additionally the color subject.

If you are seeking out a new and exciting way to apply Kodi, I accept it as true with nothing may want to get better than Revolve. For that very motive, it is covered in our lineup of top Kodi skins.


Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

If you’re more into the Material Design concept, Unity is the exceptional desire. It is minimal, refreshing, and a pleasure to apply. Like Bello and different skins, Unity is made for contact and faraway-controlled gadgets, which include FireStick.

It doesn’t have big animations or shiny stuff, alternatively, it has menus in horizontal rectangular bins. Simple but powerful. It seems greater like a Stock Android model of Kodi, way to the Material Design idea.

However, Unity doesn’t have a lot of customization options. You can upload or do away with the principal menu gadgets and associated sub-menu. The pores and skin additionally help you to customize the heritage, and disable/permit Fanart. Unity lets you upload as many as 5 addons below each class.

On the primary menu, you get categories including Pictures, Games, Videos, Music, Programs, and Systems. Last but not least, the Unity pores and skin give amazingly clean transitions. If you are more into nitty-gritty like transitions, simplicity, and wealthy UI, Unity is one of the nice options.


Kodi 18

15 Best Kodi Skins to Change How Your Kodi Looks

It is the panel layout of this Kodi pores and skin that makes it stick out from the crowd. I even have tried several Kodi skins but there is not anything pretty like Xperience1080 in terms of the interface layout.

The home menu is around the top and contains various items along with TV, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Settings, and so on. The widgets for every object are displayed beneath the house menu. These widgets are specified in numerous tiles that together shape a panel.

Xperience1080 is highly customizable. You may additionally permit/disable the home menu items to your liking. You may even customize every tile for any home menu object. The pores and skin lets you pick out a custom name and icon for each tile. Furthermore, you may change the tile Type from default to Video add-on, Music upload-on, Program upload-on, and many others. You can also even assign an addon to each tile.

Xperience1080 works easily on all Kodi devices. However, it does now not aid mouse capabilities. If you’re the use of it on a laptop, navigate and interact with the keyboard. The pores and skin work even better on remote-controlled gadgets.

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